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Improved SSH launcher that provides a browsable menu of SSH servers. Uses ~/.ssh/config to generate menu.

For more tips on using SSH and the configuration file, check out

Works in Windows, Mac, Linux


Install from using:

python -m pip install issh

Install from source by running this from the root of the source code directory:

python install


Simply run issh from the command line to launch the menu.


Or invoke via Python:

python -m issh

To use the tool inside PYthon source code:

from issh import ISSH

issh = ISSH()


  • Esc or q: Quit
  • Enter, l, or Right Arrow: Connect
  • j or Down Arrow: Down
  • k or Up Arrow: Up
  • e: Edit SSH config file

When using the Edit (e) command, it tries to use the editor defined in EDITOR environment variable, otherwise attempts to default to a system editor.


If you have permission errors with the ~/.ssh/config file, make sure the .ssh/ directory has 700 permissions and the config file has 600 permissions. Also ensure the owner is correct.

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