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Binaural Beat Generator

Generate custom binaural beats using this simple application.

Download Binaural Generator

Chatty Cathy

An AI chat bot for Discord written in Python using AIML.

Visit the Chatty Cathy project page.

Read more about Chatty Cathy.


A collection of code snippets organized by programming language. It also includes notes, template programs, and other references.

Read more about the cookbook

Help Desk Bot

An utility bot Discord written in Python 3.

Visit the Help Desk Bot project page.

Read more about Help Desk Bot.


Provide a list of IP addresses or domain names and Ip2Kml will generate a Google Earth KML file with the geolocations of the servers pinned and labeled.

Download Ip2Kml


Dump a MySQL table to a Microsoft Excel .xlsx spreadsheet file. Written in Java.

Read more about mysql2excel.


John Conway's Game of Life implemented in Ruby with Gosu.


Rest Tester

Rest Tester is a Java GUI program for testing HTTP requests.

Download Rest Tester


TCP server for debugging and testing. Discard incoming data or echo it back to client raw or as an HTTP response.

Download TcpNull

Web Genome

A breadth first web crawler that stores HTTP headers in a MongoDB database with a web front end all written in Go.