Fix "Broken Pipe" error on SSH connection in Fedora/VMWare




When attempting to use SSH client in Fedora 29 within a VMWare Player virtual machine, I would receive a a broken pipe error immediately after a successful authentication request.

packet_write_wait: Connection to x.x.x.x port 22: Broken pipe

I know the SSH server was working because another machine worked fine when connecting. Using the verbose output (ssh -v), I was able to also confirm the authentication was successful before the error. The server configuration was not modified at all throughout the process, but the server was running Ubuntu, for what it is worth.


Searching for solutions, I finally found one that worked at

The solution is to set the IPQoS option to throughput. You can do it from the command line or in the SSH config file.

Set option via CLI

You can set the IPQoS option via the command-line whenever you connect like this:

ssh -o IPQoS=throughput

Set option in SSH config

You can set the IPQoS option in the config file (e.g. $HOME/.ssh/config) like this:

# This will apply to all hosts.
Host *