Disable Shared Clipboard in VMware Player




VMware Player is a great tool for virtualizing operating systems. Sometimes it is desirable to disable the shared clipboard feature though to prevent any copied data from going in to or out of the guest machine. This will show you how to disable the shared clipboard feature.

Modify the *.vmx configuration file

In the directory of your guest virtual machine, there should be a .vmx file. Add or modify the following lines to disable the shared clipboards. You can disable the copy and paste features individually. Note that this must be done while the guest machine is off or the file might be overwritten.

isolation.tools.copy.disable = "true"
isolation.tools.paste.diable = "true"

After making this update and booting up the guest, the clipboard should no longer be shared.


After reading this you should know how to disable the shared clipboard with a VMware Player guest machine.