Useful Linux Bash Shell Aliases



Typing long commands over and over gets old. Use bash aliases to make your life easier and impress your peers. Add these to your .bashrc and/or .bash_profile. Personally I use only one and symlink them together. These are just some examples of how you can use alias. Anytime you find yourself repeating lengthy commands think about creating an alias. Optionally, if it's a long command you are only going to be using for a short period, be sure to use history tools like ! and !? to quickly repeat previous commands.

List options

ls='ls --color=auto -h' #Human readable option by default
ll='ls -lh'
la='ls -a'
lla='ls -lah'

Miscellaneous preferences

grep='grep --color=auto'
fluxbox='xinit fluxbox'

Ubuntu apt-get

apt-install='sudo apt-get install'
apt-search='sudo apt-cache search'
apt-rm='sudo apt-get remove'

Arch Linux package manage (pacman)

pacup='sudo pacman -Syu'
pacin='sudo pacman -S'
pacrm='sudo pacman -Rns'
pacsearch='sudo pacman -Ss'
pacls='sudo pacman -Q'