Exchange 2010 Calendar and Mail with Thunderbird



There is a way to get your exchange mail and calendar in Thunderbird, however I'll be honest I still had issues with the calendar after doing all of this. The calendar would load once, but then not load again. I'm going to provide this for reference. Perhaps in the near future some bugs will be sorted out in these addons, and maybe someone will have a comment on the configuration. I have included specfic versions numbers. If you want GOOD Exchange 2010 support, I recommend using Evolution. There is an Evolution-EWS addition that allows you to use the Exchange Web Services and it works great with mail. calendar, tasks, contacts, etc right out of the box. In Arch Linux the packages are evolution and evolution-ews.

Software Used

Mail Server: Exchange 2010
Mail Client: Thunderbird 17.0.7
Thunderbird Extension: Exchange 2007/2010 Calendar and Tasks Provider 3.2.0-Beta7
Thunderbird Extension: ExQuila for Micorosft Exchange 21.0
Thunderbird Extension: Lightning 1.9.1

NOTE: When viewing addons, look for 'view other versions.' Usually there are newer versions available only they aren't listed first because they haven't finished the approval process.

Features you will get

- Synchronized email
- Synced calendar
- Autofill email addresses from exchange contacts

Setting up mail

Use the EWS URL from your e-mail provider. It should look like

Setting up calendar

Create a New Calendar
New calendar -> On the Network -> Microsoft Exchange 2007/2010 -> Set up local calendar name Exchange/Windows