Drupal Search Engine Optimization

There is a veil of mystery surrounding SEO tactics. There are many modules out there that aid in improving your site's exposure. The easiest path for a beginning is to use SEO Tools. It basically gives you a list of prerequesites, and gives you some easy out of the box SEO.

If you have a deeper understanding and you want to do things for yourself, I recommend the SEO Checklist module. This one simply gives you a checklist tool and lots of recommendations on improving your SEO. There are a handful I found quite useful, and others I chose not to follow. It's the perfect aid for more advanced users.

These are most important items I found out of all the recommendations:

  • Clean URLs
  • Pathauto
  • Redirect/Global Redirect modules
  • Meta Tags module
  • XML Sitemaps
  • Registering, verifying, and submitting sitemaps to search engines

If your site allows user contributed content, then preventing spam is also important. Mollom comes highly recommended for this.