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This is the DevDungeon Wiki. To get back to the blog, visit:

Welcome to the DevDungeon Virtual Hackerspace. My name is John Daniel Leon and I run this place. I believe strongly in software and hardware freedom and that knowledge is power. In this wiki you will find a lot of resources on programming, Linux, cybersecurity, and making. The wiki will continue to grow and is always in-progress.

With this virtual hackerspace I aim to mimic a physical hackerspace where many people pitch in to rent a large warehouse that none of them could afford individually. Together, we can run our own infrastructure and each have our own space carved out for ourselves. In this case, the communication servers, file repositories, game server, and Linux mainframe servers that members use are part of infrastructure that we all share and get to use.

Help keep the site ad free and the infrastructure running by becoming a member and enjoy many perks like exclusive accounts and access to the DevDungeon infrastructure and comunity. See the Community page for more details about the community and membership.

There are many other ways you can help support me and DevDungeon. Visit the Support DevDungeon page for more information.

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