Create your own account on xmpp.devdungeon.com for free or use your existing XMPP account from another server to join the DevDungeon chat rooms or message users.

Recommended Chat Clients

Web BrowserConverse.js (OTR built-in) - Use conversejs.org to chat or download the .zip and open index.html from your hard drive. Register and login an account in the format of yourname@xmpp.devdungeon.com.
WindowsPidgin.im, the universal chat client
LinuxPidgin.im, the universal chat client
Mac OSXAdium.im (OTR built-in)
AndroidXabber (OTR and Tor support built-in)
iOSNo current recommendation. Yet to find a clean and quality client. Have tried ChatSecure, but it logs me out after 1 minute and can't find a setting to change it. Monal has a poor interface but it does work.

More chat clients can on xmpp.org's client list.


When configuring your chat client, connect to xmpp.devdungeon.com. Note the xmpp subdomain. It is required. Use your registered username and password. If you have not registered yet, most clients will simply have a checkbox you can check to tell it to register the account when you log in.


If you do not already have a username, you can register one using your chat client. The fastest and easiest way to register and log in is the Converse.js web client (click the "Register" tab). Once registered, you can log in from any XMPP chat client. After registering, others can add you as a chat buddy with username@xmpp.devdungeon.com. You can also add chat buddies from other servers like Gmail chat (username@gmail.com).

Chat Rooms

Anyone can create chat rooms. Create a chat room for a topic you are interested in if one does not exist. You can also browse and join any public rooms using your chat client. You can also join the chat rooms from any other XMPP server if you run your own or want to use your Gmail account to chat. Most clients can find chat rooms automatically but you can also do it manually using the conference subdomain.


Add Me

Feel free to add me as a contact from any XMPP server.

Security and Privacy

SSL is the recommended way to connect to the server although unencrypted is available. Most chat clients use this by default and you can force it as an option usually. This encrypts traffic between the chat client and xmpp.devdungeon.com.

Off-the-Record Messaging (OTR) is used for end-to-end encryption. This encryption is not handled by any server. Encryption and decryption is done by each user on their end by the chat client. This means both users need to have a client that supports OTR. Converse.js, Adium, and Xabber have built-in OTR support. Pidgin has an OTR plugin that can be installed.

Tor is a public service provides a way to anonymize yourself. It encrypts and routes your traffic through three intermediate proxies in the Tor network. The last node in the Tor network, also called the exit node, can see your traffic. If you are using SSL, they will not see the contents unless they man-in-the-middle with their own SSL certificate. You should manually verify the SSL certificate below. It is useful if you do not want your ISP to know you are communicating with xmpp.devdungeon.com (instead they will see you connecting to a Tor node), or if you do not want xmpp.devdungeon.com to know your real IP address. Xabber has Tor support built-in and Pidgin allows you to configure the SOCKS proxy manually.


Chat bots are acceptable as they are not used for spamming or abusing server resources. For information on how to write an AI chat bot check out Writing an AI Chat Bot in Python with AIML. For a Python library that will allow you to interact with XMPP, check out SleekXMPP.

You can also check out how to use XMPP with PHP.