Voice Chat

Mumble is a free voice chat client that uses low bandwidth. Join the DevDungeon Mumble server to voice chat with others. It supports voice activation and push-to-talk controls. You can connect to the DevDungeon server by connecting to the following host.

Download a Client

You can find links to the latest client for your platform in the Mumble Wiki or view the releases directly.

For Android, you can try Plumble.


Connect to the server Log in using any username that is not already registered or in use. If you do have a registered username you either need the certificate or the password to verify that username.

Register a Username (Optional)

You can log in using any username that is not already logged in. To claim a username, log in like normal, and then from the top menu go to Self -> Register. This creates a certificate that identifies you. After clicking register, you do not have to do anything else. You can back up your certificate by going to Configure -> Certificate Wizard. You can also use the Certificate Wizard to import the certificate on other computers.


If you are interested in writing a text or audio bot for Mumble, read about Writing a Mumble Bot in Ruby.